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Parvati's Marriage in Mithila Folklore

Thursday, April 15, 2010

 Parvati's Marriage in Mithila Folklore
Archana Verma

Kohbar - A Ritual and Tantric Painting Made for the Bridal Chamber in Mithila

A Mithila Painting showing Parvati Garlanding Shiva at the time of her Marriage 

Shiva one of the greatest Hindu deities has multiple images, often conflicting with each other – he is the ultimate ascetic, begging for food, having no proper place to live, smearing his body with ashes from the cremation ground, having cobras crawling over his body and engaging in meditation most of the time. He is also the destroyer of the universe before it is re-created by Brahma in the Hindu cosmology that follows a cyclic notion of time. He destroys Kama the god of eroticism. At the same time, he is the ultimate householder, loving his wife Parvati, sharing his half body with her, benevolent to his devotees and granting them all the materialistic happiness.

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