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Saturday, October 16, 2010

 ISSN 0976 – 7266

 Ajanta Painting (Photo - Archana Verma)

This is the third issue of South Asian Arts and in this young life, this journal has covered a wide range of themes within the arena of South Asian arts and culture, thus achieving its aim in a significant manner. It has also attracted attention of the scholars from different countries, who have sent their articles for publications in this journal. Seeing the wide range of topics covered so far, we felt it would be in order to precede this issue with a page of contents for this volume as well as for the previous issues. This we hope will enable the visitors to reach the article of their choice by just clicking on the relevant link, rather than exploring the site to look for an article of their choice.

Some of the most-read articles are featured in the right menu for you to click and read if you like.

For University And College Students And Other Readers

If you are using any of the articles in this journal for your college assignments and other writings, please cite the name and website of this journal, title of the article and the name of the author in your writings, as you'd do for a printed article.

In case you are citing substantial passages or using any of the images, please also get the permission from the authors, whose contact details are given at the end of each article.

Please note that all material in this journal is copyrighted and it's not good academic practice to cite material from elsewhere without proper acknowledgment. Besides, chances are that your readers may be reading this journal as well.

We hope this volume will be of interest and use to our readers.

Archana Verma

Content for (1) October 2010

Please click below for the articles in (1) Oct 2010 Issue -

Kolshi In Bangladeshi Modern Art  by Lisa Banu

Brief Note on Tsogyal Shedrub Dargyeling Nunnery in Exile by M. N. Rajesh and Tsamchoe

Conserving Living Religious Heritage - Maintaining Continuity and Embracing Change by Ioannis Paolios

Story of India by Michael Wood - A Review by Archana Verma

Threat to Afghan Heritage by Archana Verma

A Bastion of South Asian Art and Culture in Philadelphia by Zoe Papademetriou

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Islamic Art and Funerary Practices by Archana Verma and Mazhar Hussain

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