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Combined Issue - May-September (2011/2-3)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

ISSN 0976 – 7266 
Contact - Archana@southasianarts.org 

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 History of South Asian Art

Articles in the Combined Volume May-Sept (2011/2-3)

Jyoti Kamath - A Versatile Musician - An Interview by Archana Verma

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Content for Back Issues -

Content for (2) January 2011 
Artistic Activity in Nepal as World Peace - Artist Profile  (Full access online and PDF available)

Lung-Ta Collaborative - Living Blessings of Lo by Maureen Drdak   (Full access online and PDF available)
Selected Hindu Temples of Bangladesh - Book Review by Archana Verma   Full access online

Content for (1) October 2010

Kolshi In Bangladeshi Modern Art  by Lisa Banu

Brief Note on Tsogyal Shedrub Dargyeling Nunnery in Exile by M. N. Rajesh and Tsamchoe

Conserving Living Religious Heritage - Maintaining Continuity and Embracing Change by Ioannis Paolios (Full access online)

Story of India by Michael Wood - A Review by Archana Verma (Full access online)

Threat to Afghan Heritage by Archana Verma (Full access online)

A Bastion of South Asian Art and Culture in Philadelphia by Zoe Papademetriou (Full access online)

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(1) July 2010 Issue
Performing Pasts - A Review by Archana Verma (Full access online)
Dambulla Cave Temple, Sri Lanka by Archana Verma (Full access online)
Decaying Paintingts at Rachol Seminary, Goa by Archana Verma (Full access online)
Lajja Gauri Type Figures in the Indus Valley by Max le Martin (Full access online)

(1) April 2010 Issue

Islamic Art and Funerary Practices by Archana Verma and Mazhar Hussain

Religious and Cultural Interaction in Mughal India by Archana Verma (Full access online)
Method of an Architect - Book Review by Archana Verma (Full access online)

South Asian Arts aims to brings to its readers scholarly articles related to all aspects of art and cultural expressions of South Asia. Some of these articles are available in full access on this website.

Complete details of each issue of South Asian Arts, with abstracts are available on this website. Do explore it to get an idea of what we have in store for those interested in South Asian Arts.
A complete list of articles in all its volumes published so far is given here. Please feel free to click on the links and explore them.

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